Matt Schoessler


Prior to becoming a 2003 graduate from the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Schoessler was on two tours of duty in the Gulf War region on the Destroyer (USS Paul F Foster 964) as a member of the United States Navy.  He accomplished three things of importance during this time: First he protected and served his Country. Second, he learned how to swear like a farmer when the rain hits his cut hay. Third, he met and married Wendie.

His focus is on Equine Medicine.  However, as a rural veterinarian, Dr Schoessler provides additional services to the alpaca community which is presently underserved in the East Central portion of Minnesota.

Dr Schoessler’s undergraduate studies focused on aquaculture and fish research at U C Davis in California. He participated in published studies on fish treadmill and sturgeon aging projects. But it is his love of horses and experience as a horseman (English and Trail) that propelled him into large animal veterinary medicine.
Using the Los Angeles National Forest as a playground, Dr Schoessler and his beloved former racing thoroughbred, Rebel, spent many hours on mountain-goat trails and stream crossings.  Along with his wife, Wendie, and daughter, Margaret,  Dr. Schoessler logged long hours of exploring mountain tops, canyons and advanced-level downhill trails, on his steed.  That was the beginning of his desire to focus his practice exploring how horses function, preventative medicine, good dentistry, lameness issues and other protocols for keeping our animals in good shape and repair. He also set his practice up to attend the geriatric horse by helping to obtain a higher-quality life — keeping our favorite horses more viable in their old age.
He is well known for his high-level dentistry, surgical repairs on complex wounds, reproductive and educational skills. His goal is to be a top-notch Vet to his Rural clientele.
What is most appreciated by Clients:   Dr Matt’s 15 + years of taking the extra time  to educate Clients during the animal’s exams and treatments, allowing Clients to ask questions and familiarize themselves with basic care procedures so they do not panic when they have emergencies.
Dr Matt does have a life that includes fishing, hunting, riding, target practice with bow and guns … and spending spare time preparing for Winter at the farm — starting in Spring.

Wendie Schoessler


Wendie Schoessler is Dr Matt Schoessler’s wife, business partner, and friend. As a personal part of this bio, Dr Matt and Wendie have decided to answer the questions most posed by our clients when they have questions about them and the business connections.

When they met in 1993, Matt was in the Navy and Wendie was a Director and Hippotherapist for a horse-facilitated therapy program. 

Wendie has an extensive background in training dressage/cross-country horses to perform Hippotherapy as a prescription modality for paralyzed people.  This horse training and handling was the background for handling the Triple Oaks Equine clients (passed on to Matt as his present day experience when handling his horse clients).

Margaret Edie


This illusive, yet somehow always around, chick, is the office plucky-comic-relief. With an unmatched sense of humor that only she understands, Margaret manages to set appointments, assist with assistant stuff and drink a lot….A WHOLE LOT…of coffee.

Nicole Rodenborg

Independent Contractor-Assistant

Meet Nicole Rodenborg, a bright addition to the horse care team of Triple Oaks Equine.

Nicole, alias Boarding Stable Manager, Wife of Henry, Mother of Four — and now appearing along side Triple Oaks Equine’s Dr. Matt.

A long-time friend to many families involved in Kanabec’s 4-H events, you may recognize the woman from seeing her drive her minis down the road, or participating in 4-H parent-guided competitions at the Kanabec County Fair Grounds. Amber, silky-orange hair flying behind her as she rides her Crescent at a decent clip, Nicole smiles at her good fortunes — being able to enjoy the animals she works so hard to keep fit and healthy.

A few years ago, Nicole decided to learn the ins and outs of horse ranch management and husbandry, under the guidance of her Veterinarian, Dr. Matt Schoessler (yes, he HAS a last name). An eager student, willing to learn from mistakes and be proactive in her education time with Dr. Matt, Nicole has blossomed into quite a competent horse care woman. When the opportunity arose, she readily made it clear that “she was the person for the job” when it became available to work with us at Triple Oaks.
It took an entire 8 hour work day for all of us to agree — she was the right woman for the job! Jumping from a ride-along day of meeting clients and their steeds, we plunged Nicole into the laboratory work. “Here Nicole,” we smiled. “These are bags of horse poop for you to process into these little bottles, smear slides, and find worms. Yes, Nicole, you are now going to run fecal egg counts and will identify worm types.” Fortunately, really, she only had 25 tests to start with and readily finished them in two days! Sore eyeballs followed.

We are pleased to announce that after her Winter into Spring trek with us, she still wants to be here! She knows many of our clients and their horses either personally or via FaceBook. She actually looks forward to participating in the rigors of the 10 am to 9 pm Spring glut, helping with dentals, breeding, lameness exams, Coggins, vaccinations, and all the Spring stuff that turns into routine during the rest of the year. Why, she even has Triple Oaks coveralls and sweatshirt with her name and Golf Shirts with a medical Cadussa on them. That brought on a big smile for all of us.
Please welcome Nicole when she visits on our farm calls. She is smart, funny, and very caring with all of our four-legged patients.

Courtney Bassuener

Independent Contractor-Assistant

Don’t let this dainty competitor fool you. Courtney is a spectacular gamer in the arena as well as a stellar horse handler at work. But she loves Chickens so, is she really trust worthy…tune in next week to find out!