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Cattle Reproduction

General Reproduction:
Ov Sync Protocols

Prolapse Repair:

Calving Problems (Dystocia):
Calf Extractions
Retained Placenta

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*Cattle Services are provided on a limited basis to clients who currently maintain a Veterinary Client Patient Relationship with Triple Oaks. No new cattle clients will be accepted, we apologize for the inconvenience.* 

We understand the value in developing and maintaining a healthy herd of cattle. In addition to reproduction, Triple Oaks believes that you need to build a good foundation of nutrition, vaccination and deworming protocols specific to your operation. We offer herd consultations and sit-downs to plan out a herd management strategy that will work for you. 

The following information should be helpful in managing your herd to get the most potential. None of these services are provided by Triple Oaks. Please check list below to see what services we offer. Reproduction encompasses a complex system of management starting with bull semen testing, pelvic measurement of heifers, and digital ultrasound to verify pregnancies. For some of our more progressive/commercially-minded farmers, you may want to consider Artificial Insemination and Embryo Transfers to improve your herd genetics. Dr. Schoessler does, however, offer consultations when setting up your herd protocols. 

Find out how to protect your investment and make your production more profitable. For your convenience, consultations are available during evenings and weekends at an hourly rate.


**Outsourced to other veterinarians**

Pregnancy Checks
Digital Ultrasound
Pregnant Cow Vaccine

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