Give your foal the best start in life:

Triple Oaks Equine & Bovine offers complete care for your mare and foal from conception through the first weeks of life.

Bring your mare to foal out in our spacious 'Mare-ternity" stall with 24-hour monitoring and on-site equine veterinarian, Dr. Matt Schoessler.

Ensure foal imprint training at birth during the crucial first hours of life by our foal imprint training specialist, Nikki Priebe.

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"A well broke horse begins at birth, imprinting seals the deal!" -Nikki Priebe


Advantages of Imprint Training:

Imprinting is the art of training an animal in such a way that stimuli, which would ordinarily be unnatural to the horse, are accepted intuitively.

In other words, the foal grows up never knowing he should be afraid of plastic bags, tarps, gun shots, etc.  They are as natural to him as eating.

Imprint training also sensitizes certain areas to give to pressure.  Do you want a horse that will lead at one day old, will yield naturally to leg pressure, or disengage its hindquarters?  You want an imprint trained foal!

Who benefits from Imprint Training?

The benefits of imprint training are limitless for all involved!

  • Mares
  • Foals
  • Owners
  • Buyers
  • Sellers
  • Future Trainers
  • Veterinarians
  • Stable Owners
  • And on, and on, and on....

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At Triple Oaks Equine & Bovine, we care about the well being of your foal for its lifetime!

Imprint Training and Foal Training

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What is Imprint Training?

Imprinting is a survival mechanism for animals.  Newborn animals generally imprint on the first large creature looming over them within the first hours of birth.  The young animals imprint, or attach, on to this creature, usually its mother, with habitual trust.

We can use imprint training to our advantage in a way that allows foals to imprint on their dams, as well as humans, to create a lifelong trusting bond.