Vaccinations are a cheap insurance for you and your animals.  

We encourage all Alpaca owners to vaccinate their animals yearly. This provides a good opportunity to examine each individual animal and address any health, nutrition or other issues that may arise.

Shearing time is a great time to have the vet out. We can provide immediate attention for injuries, vaccinations, deworming, teeth trimming, toe trimming, blood draws for registrations, and much more. 

If you are going to spend the money and effort on vaccinating, please do it right! If your animal is being vaccinated for the first time, they need to have booster vaccines in 4-6 weeks, or whatever the specific vaccination label requires. Then it is a yearly booster for the rest of the animals life.

We do encourage you to vaccinate your alpaca(s) against RABIES. Yes, they are exposed like the rest of us. In Minnesota, it is common for bats, skunks, foxes, and other animals to carry the disease. There is NO cure for Rabies. For more information check out the MN Board of Animal Health website at

Deworming is an essential part of caring for your animals. We recommend that you have fecal tests run in Spring and Fall at a minimum (more often if necessary). This will allow you to target the specific worm burden and deworm appropriately. This will help prevent worms from becoming resistant to the treatments. 

In Minnesota we have a very deadly and hardy liver fluke. Liver flukes are common in damp areas, low ground and swampy areas. They are passed on from the deer population through snails and affect Alpacas, cattle, goats, sheep and more. The product that we use to kill these little intruders is called Valbazen. It is proven effective for our specific type of liver flukes. Please call or email for correct dosage and treatment protocol.

Lets keep our animals happy and healthy! Please call or email us anytime if you have questions or concerns. We are hear to serve you and your animals. 

 Show season checklist:

  • Health Certificates*
  • Vaccinations
  • Deworming
  • Microchip
  • BVD test
  • ARI Registration Papers

*Remember, for the health certificateswe need the following information:

  1. Name, phone & address of owner
  2. Name, phone & address of transporter
  3. Name, phone & address of Show destination
  4. ARI Registration Papers on animals going to show
  5. Negative BVD lab results
  6. Microchip number

**All health certificates are good for 30 days.
Please remember to call in advance so that we have time to schedule you and get the certificates filled out with all the proper information. Thank you. 

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Management of your herd is crucial to the success of your farm and your business. 

Triple Oaks offers herd management consultations. Whether you are new to Alpacas or are just in need for a tune-up, give us a call and we will be happy to help.