The best way to protect your investment is to use preventative medicine. The cattle market is currently way behind in production. What does this mean to you? Cattle are valuable, so why not protect your investment by spending a few extra dollars up front? Vaccinations are important to protect your cattle from diseases. Dewormer is important to keep the parasites from leaching the nutrients which can leave your animal vulnerable to infections, diseases and death. One of the notorious killers of cattle in Minnesota are the Deer Flukes (also known as Liver Flukes). They love to settle in and feast on our livestock's livers, whether it is Cattle, Alpacas, Deer, Goats or Sheep. 

What do people mean when they talk about a Liver Fluke Storm?
We mean...a sudden and rapid loss of your livestock. They get thin and start dropping off.  
Don't let them take you by storm! ---Use Valbazen.

Calf Vaccine Protocols

  • Initial Vaccines and Boosters
  • Modified Live and Killed Vaccines Available
  • Bangs Vaccinations (Heifers 4-12 months old)
  • Dewormers
    • Pour-On and Oral
  • Fly Protection
    • Pour-On and Ear Tags
  • Implant Application and Timing

*Cattle Services are provided on a limited basis to clients who currently maintain a Veterinary Client Patient Relationship with Triple Oaks. No new cattle clients will be accepted, we apologize for the inconvenience.*    Managing your herd is such an important step in the cattle industry. We encourage vaccinating, deworming, delousing, dehorning, pregnancy checks and more to maintain your herd. 
*Head Gates are a requirement*

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What are Liver Flukes (Deer Flukes), what do they look like, and how do my animals get them?

Fascioloides Magna (a.k.a. Liver Flukes) are a concern for cattle in Minnesota. 
In Minnesota we have a very deadly and hardy liver fluke. Liver flukes are common in damp areas, low ground and swampy areas. They are passed on from the deer population through snails and effect alpacas, cattle, goats, sheep and more. The product that we use to kill these little intruders is called Valbazen. It is proven effective for our specific type of liver flukes. Please call or email for correct dosage and treatment protocol (763)219-4984. We encourage you to drench your cattle in the Fall with your fall herdwork.