Temperature guide:

Goats: Temperature range: 101 - 104 degrees F

Sheep: Temperature range: 101 - 104 degrees F

A human digital thermometer with a 9 second read out is recommended. 

To take the animals temperature:

Have someone hold the animal. Stand to the careful to avoid getting kicked. Insert the thermometer into the animals rectum until it is about half way up the digital screen (you can use petroleum jelly or lube on the tip to help the thermometer slide in easier) and hold until the thermometer beeps at you. For best results take the temperature 3 times and take the best two out of three readings. 

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*Proper herd management is important to sustain a healthy herd.
**Goats and Sheep are extremely sensitive to parasites...and parasites LOVE them! It is important that you have fecals run on your herd on a routine basis and treat accordingly.

We no longer take on new clients who have exclusive sheep and goat herds. We apologize for the inconvenience. We do hope to provide information and helpful links on our site regarding health and wellness for these fine four legged friends. If you have some recommendations for links or articles, please do use our "Contact Us" section to let us know. 

As a courtesy to help you find medical help for your sheep and goats, we refer you to the University of Minnesota Large Animal Department at (612) 625-6700. Thank you.

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Goat & Sheep