(763) 219-4984 Office Phone & 24-Hour Emergency Answering Service

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Please be prepared to answer the following questions:

* Name, Phone Number, Address, if current or new client.
*What is your animal's temperature?
*How long has this problem been occuring?
*What health issue is your animal having?
*Is your animal caught and contained (especially important for large animals)?
*If your animal is cut, how much blood has it lost and have you been able to slow the flow?
*AND, OF COURSE, whatever information about their condition that you observe.

**STANDARD PROCEDURE is that Dr. Schoessler or Wendie or Margaret or Nicole will return your call and assess the emergency. They will give you estimated time of arrival, instructions for you while waiting, and answer immediate questions you may have.

When you call our office, you can rest assured that you are in direct contact with us.  The Answer Service will ask you to spell your name (yes, this is important) and to confirm your phone numbers (also important).  They will also get your address even if you are an existing client just in case our records are not available.  

The Staff at Triple Oaks knows that you are under great stress when you call.  We also know that it can be hard to answer informative questions when you are standing there with a sick animal... However, it will make our job easier and response to your call quicker.

The Service will contact us immediately via all of our phone systems, computers, and they will also text us on our cell phones.  

When you call with an emergency, say "This is an EMERGENCY."  Let them know how quickly you need Dr. Schoessler out and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  Please stay off your phone so we can get right back to you.  We will give you instructions of what to do until we arrive. 

Remember, we are also owners of animals and we do know what it is like to have an emergency.

Emergency Service

Emergency Examples:
*  Animal is down and cannot get up. 
*  Bloat, animal can't eat, stomach is sticking way out, painful.
*  Broken bones need to be seen quickly but can wait a little while. Bones should be set within a couple of days if not poking thru skin badly.
*  Choke - animal is coughing heavily, food is coming out of the mouth and through the nose.
*  Colic (horses and alpacas), animal is uncomfortable, rolling, biting at sides, gums are pale or deep purple.
*  Dog, coyote, wolf attacks on large animals. Get animal to safe place. Don’t touch attacking canines – rabies could be issue. 
*  Dystocia – complicated births.  PLEASE CALL!! If you do not see progression with your animal birthing, call sooner rather than later. **Horses normally foal within a half hour.
*  Eye conditions need to be seen according to problem – but fairly quickly.
*  Hit by car – Are they down, up, or running wild in circles? (Remember, large animals only, no dogs).
*  Wounds, bleeding, swelling, lame or painful. Should be seen within 6 hours or so in order to minimize gaping and skin sluffing.  If bleeding slows, the Vet has time to arrive within a few hours.

Triple Oaks Equine LLC

(763) 219-4984  **24 Hour Emergency Answering Service