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Normal temperature for cattle:
Newborn Calf: 101.5*-103.5*
Cattle: 100*-102.5*

Triple Oaks Equine & Bovine RLLP

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Setting up a new operation? Having difficulties with keeping your cattle healthy? Want to come into the world of modern herd management to produce quality cattle?

Consultations are available with Dr. Schoessler. He will come out to your farm, dairy or ranch for an educational consultation. The doctor will go over information on vaccination programs and explain in detail about the different diseases and threats posed to your animals that should be addressed. It is well worth the time and money to ensure that you have the upper hand on running a quality operation. 

Dr. Schoessler will also tour your facility and make suggestions for increasing the safe handling of cattle--for you and the veterinarian. He will discuss toxic plants and how to tell when your animal is not well or having difficulty during calving. Take an hour or two of time and have an in-depth meeting with Dr. Schoessler.

Cattle Services