Understanding the behavior of your Alpaca is key. If your animal is feeling sick or acting unusual it is important to find out what is causing the problem. 

As an owner, if you notice any little or subtle change in your animals behavior, it is wise to consider seeking medical advice and or attention.  Whether your Alpaca has a worm burden, pneumonia, or just a thorn in its foot, we offer a variety of professional services to examine, diagnose and treat your animal.

Some our services include:

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IgG Testing for Newborn Crias

IgG Infusions

Ophthalmic Exams

Progesterone Tests

Setting Bones

Skin Biopsies

TB Testing

Torsion or Other Birthing Problems (Dystocias)

Tumor Removal


Wound Care

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Blood Work

BVD Testing



Dam (Hembra)/Cria Exams

Digital Ultrasound with Doppler

Digital X-Rays

Fecal Exams

Fetal Health Assessment

Health Certificates

Health Checks


Camelid Diagnostics

Triple Oaks Equine LLC