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Camelid Diagnostics

Understanding the behavior of your Alpaca is key. If your animal is feeling sick or acting unusual it is important to find out what is causing the problem. 

As an owner, if you notice any little or subtle change in your animals behavior, it is wise to consider seeking medical advice and or attention.  Whether your Alpaca has a worm burden, pneumonia, or just a thorn in its foot, we offer a variety of professional services to examine, diagnose and treat your animal.

Health & Wellness

Good health starts with good management practices. Whether you Alpaca is a pet, a hobby, for fiber production or for livestock purposes, they all need the same thing…a good management plan! 

All animals should be provided nutritious food, minerals, plenty of fresh water and hands on care. We recommend a yearly herd check. It is important to have a good vaccination and deworming program. For more information on herdwork click here.  

We are proud to offer a large variety of services for alpacas from everyday health exams to reproduction to diagnostics and surgeries.  

Dr. Schoessler partakes in many continuing education courses to keep up with the latest and greatest treatments and technologies. He provides lectures and consultations for groups and individuals as he understands the value in educating our clients. You can never have enough knowledge!

Please check out our Alpaca Network & Resource page.

*Always provide fresh drinking water and clean feed/hay to your animals.