(763) 219-4984 Office Phone & 24-Hour Emergency Answering Service

Temperature Guide:

Camelids (Alpaca, Llama): 99.5-102

Newborn Calves 101.5-103

Cattle: 100-102.5

Goats: 102-104

Horse Foals: 99.5-102

Horse Adults: 99-101.3

Lambs: 101.5-103.5 

We are located at:
5870 409th Ave NW
Dalbo MN 55017

(763) 219-4984 Office 
(320) 272-4563 Fax
E-mail: myvet@tripleoaksequine.com

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Triple Oaks is a mobile large animal veterinary service. 
Calls by appointment ONLY.​

24-Hour Emergency Answering Service - Regular appointment hours 10am-6pm

Triple Oaks Equine & Bovine RLLP

Triple Oaks Equine & Bovine RLLP
Large Animal Veterinary Service for Horses, Alpacas & Cattle
5870  409th Avenue NW, Dalbo MN 55017
(763) 219-4984 Office Phone & 24-Hour Emergency Answering Service

​(320) 272-4563 Fax

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